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Granada Movie Posters:

Item Number Title Poster Type Price in US Dollars
28756 Bridges To Cross (Tony Curtis/Julie Adams/George Nader)Titlecard75.00
9235Above And Beyond (1952) (Robert Taylor)Titlecard150.00
8983Adventures of Captain FabianTitlecard60.00
9062Adventures Of Sir Galahad, The (Chapter 5) (George Reeves) Click for image Titlecard125.00
3636Anchors Aweigh (R55)Titlecard195.00
9156Angel Wore Red, TheTitlecard55.00
8989Annie Get Your Gun (R56) Click for image Titlecard125.00
8991Another Part Of The Forest Click for image Titlecard85.00
8993Aristocats, TheTitlecard45.00
8995Bandit Of Zhobe, The Click for image Titlecard45.00
8996Battle CircusTitlecard95.00
8998Best Things In Life Are Free, TheTitlecard55.00
8999Black Hole, TheTitlecard45.00
9209Blood And Steel (Brett Halsey)Titlecard25.00
1887Boatniks, The (R77)Titlecard25.00
9214Boy And The Pirates, The (Timothy Carey/Charles Herbert)Titlecard60.00
3498Breakthrough (1950)Titlecard75.00
9003Buckskin lady, TheTitlecard35.00
9005Campus Sleuth (Noel Neill)Titlecard38.00
9006Carbine Williams Click for image Titlecard95.00
9007Carthage In FlamesTitlecard18.00
9008Cass TimberlaneTitlecard125.00
9009Castaway Cowboy, TheTitlecard22.00
10376Castle In The Desert (Charlie Chan)Titlecard525.00
600Chicago ConfidentialTitlecard55.00
9013Cockleshell HeroesTitlecard30.00
9014Code 7 Victim 5 Click for image Titlecard30.00
9015Command DecisionTitlecard85.00
9016Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, TheTitlecard18.00
9018Cossacks, TheTitlecard28.00
2167Count Your Blessings Click for image Titlecard35.00
9020Counterplot (Allison Hayes) Click for image Titlecard35.00
3861D-Day, The Sixth Of June (Robert Taylor) (some wear)Titlecard85.00
3456Dakota IncidentTitlecard40.00
9002Damn The Defiant (H.M.S. Defiant) (1962)Titlecard55.00
9026Dead One, The Click for image Titlecard150.00
9027Decks Ran Red, The Click for image Titlecard85.00
9028Deep In My HeartTitlecard95.00
9030Desert Attack (Sylivia Syms) Click for image Titlecard35.00
9031Desert Fox, The Click for image Titlecard175.00
9032Desert Rats, TheTitlecard125.00
9178Desire In The Dust (Martha Hyer/Raymond Burr)Titlecard35.00
9033Desperate Search Click for image Titlecard35.00
9035Devil's Disciple, The Click for image Titlecard75.00
9034Devil-Ship PiratesTitlecard45.00
8997Diamond Head (Yvette Mimieux/George Chakiris)Titlecard55.00
9036Diamond Wizard, TheTitlecard25.00
3603Dick Tracy's G-Men (R55)Titlecard65.00
9037Dog Of Flanders, ATitlecard30.00
4085Down Dakota Way (R56) (Roy Rogers)Titlecard95.00
9686Dumbo (R76)Titlecard175.00
9040Emergency WeddingTitlecard30.00
9042Face Of Fu Manchu, TheTitlecard65.00
9043Fair Wind To JavaTitlecard95.00
9044Farmer Takes A Wife, The Click for image Titlecard95.00
9045Farmer's Daughter, The (R54) Click for image Titlecard85.00
9046Father's Little DividendTitlecard150.00
423Fighting Kentuckian, The Click for image Titlecard495.00
9049Fighting Thru (1930) (Ken Maynard)Titlecard275.00
9326Five Finger ExerciseTitlecard30.00
9050Five Golden HoursTitlecard25.00
9052Flame Over India Click for image Titlecard40.00
9054Flood Tide Click for image Titlecard38.00
9116Footsteps In The Fog Click for image Titlecard55.00
9056For Heaven's SakeTitlecard38.00
9064Fury Of The Pagans (Rossana Podesta)Titlecard30.00
9245Ghost TownTitlecard28.00
9070Glenn Miller Story, The (R60)Titlecard95.00
9090Green Helmet, The (1961 Le Mans auto racing)Titlecard95.00
10676Greyfriars BobbyTitlecard175.00
9073Grounds For MarriageTitlecard85.00
3513Gunfight At Dodge City, The (Joel McCrea)Titlecard40.00
9074Gunman's WalkTitlecard35.00
9075Gypsy ColtTitlecard45.00
9076Halls Of Montezuma Click for image Titlecard175.00
8530Hangman's Knot (R61)Titlecard85.00
8870Harder They Fall, TheTitlecard150.00
9077Harvest MelodyTitlecard125.00
9078Heaven Knows Mr. Allison Click for image Titlecard125.00
3276Hellgate (Sterling Hayden)Titlecard125.00
4264Her Twelve Men (Greer Garson) Click for image Titlecard75.00
9079Herbie Goes To Monte CarloTitlecard22.00
1794Heroes And Sinners (Maria Felix/Curt Jurgens)Titlecard75.00
9080High Fury (Madeleine Carroll)Titlecard45.00
9081High Powered Rifle, The (Allison Hayes) Click for image Titlecard35.00
984Hiroshima Mon AmourTitlecard85.00
9082Hit The DeckTitlecard75.00
3664Homicide (1949) (Robert Alda) (some wear)Titlecard 75.00
9083Honeymoon Machine, TheTitlecard38.00
9084Hot Blood (Jane Russell) Click for image Titlecard45.00
9085House Of The Seven Hawks, TheTitlecard22.00
9089I Love Melvin Click for image Titlecard125.00
9091Inspector General, TheTitlecard95.00
9093Iron Mask, The (R53)Titlecard95.00
9094It's A Dog's LifeTitlecard75.00
1227It's A Great Feeling (some wear)Titlecard55.00
7726Jailhouse Rock (significant edge wear, otherwise good shape)Titlecard795.00
9095Joe Butterfly Click for image Titlecard45.00
9100Jupiter's DarlingTitlecard95.00
9182Kathy O (1958) (Patty McCormack/Jan Sterling)Titlecard95.00
7811Kazan ( James Oliver Curwood)Titlecard55.00
9101Key to the CityTitlecard85.00
9102Khyber PatrolTitlecard20.00
2578Killers Of KilimanjaroTitlecard35.00
9105Kiss Them For Me Click for image Titlecard95.00
9106Lady And The Tramp (R71)Titlecard75.00
9107Last Blitzkrieg, TheTitlecard20.00
9108Last Flight Of Noah's Ark, TheTitlecard18.00
9163Last Of The Fast Guns, The (1958) (Jock Mahoney/Linda Cristal)Titlecard60.00
9109Lawless Street, ATitlecard50.00
3640Lawless Street, A (Randolph Scott)Titlecard65.00
8697Lay That Rifle DownTitlecard30.00
8895Life In The Balance, ATitlecard45.00
1914Loss Of Innocence (The Greengage Summer)Titlecard45.00
9119Lust For Life Click for image Titlecard125.00
9041Macumba Love (June Wilkinson)Titlecard55.00
9120Mad Dog CollTitlecard25.00
9122Make Haste To LiveTitlecard22.00
299Man Alone, A Click for image Titlecard45.00
6885Man Who Turned To Stone, TheTitlecard85.00
9115Mardi Gras (Pat Boone/Tommy Sands)Titlecard75.00
9237Mating Game, TheTitlecard55.00
9124Meet Me After the Show Click for image Titlecard85.00
9069Melba (Patrice Munsel)Titlecard38.00
9125Middle Of The NightTitlecard20.00
9126Miss Annie Rooney (R48)Titlecard85.00
9128Mouse That Roared, The Click for image Titlecard95.00
159Murder Reported (Melissa Stribling)Titlecard35.00
9130My Blue Heaven Click for image Titlecard95.00
9060My Pal Gus (Richard Widmark)Titlecard55.00
2169Mystery Mountain (1934) (Ken Maynard)Titlecard275.00
9131Nagana (R50)Titlecard75.00
9132Naked Earth, The Click for image Titlecard38.00
9133Naked Maja, TheTitlecard45.00
9134Never Say Goodbye (1956) Click for image Titlecard55.00
8984No Place To LandTitlecard25.00
2219Odongo (Rhonda Fleming)Titlecard40.00
9361Ole RexTitlecard40.00
9139On the Avenue (R49)Titlecard95.00
9140One Little Indian (James Garner)Titlecard20.00
9141Operation AmsterdamTitlecard20.00
9142Operation Mad Ball Click for image Titlecard65.00
9152Parent Trap, The (Hayley Mills/Maureen O'Hara) (R68)Titlecard150.00
9146Payment On Demand Click for image Titlecard75.00
9147People Against O'Hara, TheTitlecard75.00
8872Pepe (Cantinflas)Titlecard38.00
9148Peter Pan (60's Reissue)Titlecard65.00
9150Phantom Of Paris (1951 Realart reissue of The Mystery Of Marie Roget)(Maria Montez)Titlecard75.00
9151Pinocchio (R78)Titlecard65.00
9048Pollyanna (Hayley Mills) (some border wear)Titlecard95.00
1827President's Lady, The Titlecard65.00
9155Princess And The Pirate, The Click for image Titlecard295.00
9157Queen Of The Pirates (Gianna Maria Canale)Titlecard38.00
9110Raintree County (some wear)Titlecard95.00
9160Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker, The Click for image Titlecard38.00
9161Return Of Frank James (R51)Titlecard135.00
9616Ride The Wild Surf (1964)Titlecard250.00
9164Robin Hood (Disney) (R83)Titlecard28.00
9167Royal WeddingTitlecard150.00
9144Rumble On The DocksTitlecard45.00
9189S.O.S. Pacific (Eddie Constantine)Titlecard50.00
9168San Quentin (R56)Titlecard125.00
10176Sandra (Claudia Cardinale/Luchino Visconti)Titlecard60.00
3447Scandal, IncTitlecard75.00
9171Scarlet Coat, The Click for image Titlecard38.00
9174Secret Of Monte Cristo, TheTitlecard20.00
9011Secret Partner, The (Stewart Granger)Titlecard40.00
9176Senior Prom Click for image Titlecard35.00
9177Sergeant York (R49)Titlecard195.00
1553Seven Thieves (1959) (Joan Collins)Titlecard80.00
9181Shining, TheTitlecard85.00
9175Siege Of The SaxonsTitlecard18.00
10179Singin' In The Rain Click for image Titlecard950.00
9184Slattery's Hurricane Click for image Titlecard125.00
9185Small Town Girl (1953) (Jane Powell)Titlecard75.00
9186So This Is ParisTitlecard75.00
9187So Young, So Bad (R53) Click for image Titlecard95.00
9188SOS Coast Guard (small piece missing out of bottom border)Titlecard395.00
9190St. Louis Woman (Johnny Mack Brown) Click for image Titlecard195.00
2442Star In The Dust (1956) (John Agar/Mamie Van Doren)Titlecard85.00
9191State Of The UnionTitlecard225.00
9192Step Down To Terror (great Reynold Brown art) Click for image Titlecard35.00
1602Stop Me Before I Kill (The Full Treatment)Titlecard35.00
9193Story Of Esther Costello, The Click for image Titlecard38.00
9194Stranger In My ArmsTitlecard30.00
9195Street Of SinnersTitlecard22.00
2890Subway In The Sky Click for image Titlecard45.00
9201Sun Comes Up, TheTitlecard95.00
9202Sundown (R48) (Gene Tierney/George Sanders) Click for image Titlecard150.00
9204Tall Lie, TheTitlecard25.00
9205Texas CarnivalTitlecard85.00
9208They Came to CorduraTitlecard65.00
9211This Above All (R52)Titlecard95.00
9212This Angry AgeTitlecard28.00
9215Three Daring DaughtersTitlecard125.00
9216Thunder PassTitlecard22.00
6113Thy Neighbor's Wife (Cleo Moore)Titlecard65.00
2838Tomorrow Is Forever (1945) (some wear)Titlecard95.00
9219Treasure Of MatecumbeTitlecard18.00
9220Treasure Of Silver LakeTitlecard60.00
9221True Story Of Lynn Stuart, TheTitlecard22.00
9223Two Guys From TexasTitlecard75.00
9224Two Weeks With Love Click for image Titlecard75.00
3574Underwater City, The (1962) (scuba diving/Julie Adams)Titlecard75.00
7845Vera Cruz Click for image Titlecard125.00
9228Voice In The MirrorTitlecard30.00
9229Wackiest Ship In The Army, TheTitlecard45.00
9071Warrior And The Slave Girl, The (Gianna Maria Canale) Titlecard55.00
9230What Price Glory Click for image Titlecard95.00
9231When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (U.K. Hanging Card, U.K. Equivalent Of Window Card) Click for image Titlecard75.00
9143Whole Truth, The Click for image Titlecard38.00
8987Winner's Circle, The (1948)Titlecard45.00
9238World Was His Jury, TheTitlecard18.00
9239Yank In The R.A.F., A (R53)Titlecard95.00
9240You Were Meant For Me Click for image Titlecard55.00

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