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Will (50743 bytes)

Sharp Dressed Man

With the great William Smith and his lovely lady.

In the Chiefs coaches box at
Arrowhead Stadium.

Enjoying a cigar with
Fred "The Hammer" Williamson.


At the Universal back lot.


Making a new friend.

With singer extraordinaire Allan Clarke of the Hollies.

With Martine Beswick.


With fx whiz Tom Rainone and Vincent Sherman.

At Super Bowl 99.

friends.jpg (22742 bytes)

Howard, Fine and Howard

billjimbernard2.jpg (33508 bytes)

With Jim Napoli and
Hammer composer James Bernard.

Downtown Liverpool 2008

Ferry Cross the Mersey

McCartney concert, June 1, 2008


My Daughter's Wedding.
Here comes the Bride.


Wedding reception, my daughter and my dear friends, The James & The Schwabs.

In Memory of...

Down On The Farm With Old Shep

fatherdaughter.jpg (39569 bytes)

Father and Daughter in front of Neal Manor

With Johnny and Marky Ramone.

My Creature pal.

With Tom "Murderer's Row" Reese.

With Billy Barty.


With Clive "Hellraiser" Barker.


With Paul "Eating Raoul" Bartel.

With Udo Keir.


My daughter Nicole, Homecoming 99.


With a couple of my zombie pals.

billbenellroy2.jpg (24458 bytes)

With Ben Meade and James Ellroy.

fatsandme.jpg (74741 bytes)

New Orleans Jazz Fest 2003

Penny Lane, Liverpool 2008

With the Commander, Doug Schwab
in Liverpool

World Famous Cavern Club,

Super Bowl 2011 with my great friend Doug Schwab.


Super Bowl 2011 at the Boss Hogg Bowl.

hollywoodOctober2012.jpg.jpg (50743 bytes)

Hollywood October 2012

hollywoodOctober2012.jpg.jpg (50743 bytes)

Hollywood Be Thy Name

hollywoodOctober2012.jpg.jpg (50743 bytes)

My Grandson Will

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